Biodynamic Solstice Spray


It’s too early to be awake on a winter day.

In the summer, 5:00 am seems reasonable, rational even. In June, getting out into the field early to beat the high noon temperatures is the only way to function on the farm.… Continue reading…

The Hardest-Workin’ Lazy-Lookin’ Farm in the Valley

Leaves are coming

The Solstice is nearly upon us, and while there’s lots to report—we’ve been so busy it’s been genuinely hard to make time to report any of it!—we have been watching all those brave roots, bees, critters and compostables go about their winter business, too.… Continue reading…

Winter Solstice, Biodynamic Spray, and New CSA Distro Options

Water will be a big concern this year

Hello Friends of the Farm!

First, a huge thank you to Erda member Adam Rubinstein for helping to make our website beautiful, functional and user-friendly!

Solstice and Spray

The shortest day is almost here as the winter solstice approaches.… Continue reading…

Orchard Restoration and Upcoming Events

Ah, that's where all the leaves went

Hello and Winter Greetings!

With the help of our South Valley Academy service learning students, we have begun to clear and restore a historic apple and pear orchard in the South Valley. … Continue reading…

Some Winter News


It’s hard to type the word “winter” when yesterday it was a balmy 60°, but this is the season when the daylight dwindles and we spend our days building soil and our evenings picking through seed catalogs.… Continue reading…

Garden Work Party & Workshop, the Farm Bill… and what you can do about it


Saturday, September 29: Garden Work Party

The farm needs your hands to help with harvesting sweet potatoes! Learn about growing food, meet like minded folks and support local agriculture all at the same time.… Continue reading…

Summer’s here! Come down to the Farm!

work day


As always, the farm gets busier as the season progresses. Lots of things happening, so please, come on down and enjoy the fresh air, abundance of butterflies and growing Erda community.… Continue reading…

All a-buzz!


In the past two weeks, bees have swarmed twice at the farm!… Continue reading…

Hey Kids!


This week marked spring in full swing at the farm! Bees swarming (again) and Goat Kids being born, there is no denying that this is the busiest time of year for us!… Continue reading…

Spring Events!


Spring time has arrived on the farm!  We have tiny sprouts coming up in the green house, garlic looking good in the fields and bees busy on the plum tree blossoms. … Continue reading…