2015 Farm Schedule

Here is our updated (as of August 2015) Farm Schedule!  Please take a moment to look it over and see when would be the best time to some on out and fulfill your Member-Participant, Work-Trader or Volunteer hours.  2015 Farm Schedule Updated.pdf

Summer Solstice & Open House Celebration!

Summer Solstice? So soon? Still feels like spring.

Come out and see where your food comes from!
We’ve planned a Summer Solstice celebration for June 21st (Father’s Day) from 4-8 pm. This is a potluck event (bring enough to feed 10), and child-friendly, pet-free, and alcohol-free event.  Plant in the garden, Biodynamic education & demonstrations, sing and dance around a campfire, share your music, trade-blanket and more. Earth-centered and Anthroposophical blessings…. care to add more?  There is no charge for entry and monetary donations are accepted.  Look for an advertisement at the Coop and other places around town. See you there!

As April swarms with seed-scattering winds and warm days lift our spirits into the apex of Spring, we want to thanks everyone who joined us at our annual Soup-er Supper this Saturday. As always we enjoyed some wonderful, rootsy music, beautiful art, good people, and, of course, fantastic food. In the spirit of the Supper, we’ve restructured a lot of our field work this season, and expect bigger yields for our members.

If you couldn’t make it Saturday, we have good news for you, too!

We’ve extended the discount through the end of the week. Use the code soup15 at checkout to get $50 off your share, of any denomination.

Sign up now!

Thanks again, and we hope to see you soon.

Ready those bowls, plates, spoons, butter knives and appetites.

It’s our annual Soup-er Supper Fundraiser and Membership Drive Spectacular! Enjoy virtually unlimited food, music, kid-friendly games and activities, good people, and a discount on your 2015 CSA membership! That’s right, if you sign up that night*, we’ll give you $50 off your membership, no matter what level you sign up at.

The fun starts at 6:00pm at the ABQ Mennonite Church (1300 Girard NE), and runs till 8:00. Full details here.

The Soup-er Supper has long been one of our most beloved gatherings, and we look forward to sharing it with you, another year.

*Can’t, or couldn’t, make it, but want to sign up? Use the code soup15 at My Erda to claim your $50. This discount will be good until April 17.

Greetings, Erda enthusiasts,

As the winter chill releases its grip (we hope), the new Core Group met in early March to discuss the many changes we face. We talked about keeping our farmers fed and working, bringing in help for them in a way that will curb burnout (for everyone), and setting up committees for the Cesar Chavez Day of Service, our annual Soup-er Supper fundraiser dinner. That last one is slated for early April.

CSA memberships will go on sale in the next few weeks. We’re still tweaking our new web-system, ironing kinks, and drilling in on pricing. Rest assured, as you’re reading this now, you’ll be one of the first to know when we launch.

Meanwhile, as a wonderful reminder of Spring’s new beginnings, we also spent some time fawning over the latest additions to the Blake Road family: two beautiful, healthy baby goats. Congratulations and a round of “For she’s a jolly good fellow!”s to our resident goat-herd Laura. (Which nobody can deny.)

Many things are germinating here. Stay tuned for what’s soon to peek over the soil.

The Core Group met Saturday to welcome in many new members and bid several farewells.

We also set some big administrative parameters. We’ll get to the introductions and goodbyes in a moment. This next paragraph is the most important part of this message, so we put it up front:

The Core Group will now meet on the first Sunday of every month (next: March 1, 1:00p, 1305 Blake SW). March’s and April’s meetings have been added to the calendar, and we hope to see you there. (The Core Group consists of paying CSA members, work-trade volunteers, paid staff, and people brought into the Group by one or more of those folks.) One of our first orders of business on March 1 will be to finalize plans for this year’s CSA membership and Soup-er Supper. Stay tuned; we’re launching a whole new website in the next few weeks, to make both registering and paying for the CSA a breeze. Read More

Friends, Burqueñas, urban and countryfolk, it is time.

We will hold a general election for our Board of Directors on February 21, 2015.

Erda needs strong leadership, fresh ideas, and passionate, committed individuals.

If you want to put your hand to the helm and steer the farm in 2015, this is your opportunity to pitch your candidacy. Anyone may serve on our Board as long as they do not benefit, directly or indirectly, from that service. In other words, if you have or want to kindle a business relationship with Erda, you are not eligible for service. (We still love and want to work with you, though!) Read More

Winter showed up last night, jangling her keys outside the windows.

On my ride home by the river, the wind was a clear reminder of our desert. You might think that with of all our heat-trapping concrete our daytime temperatures would keep us swaddled all night. But under a cloudless sky, the desert releases heat with astonishing efficiency. Space wants its heat back, and the heat longs for more, to stretch further. Fall requires we let go of may things. Of every leaf. Read More

Impossibly, it’s September again.

I mean that special, really-September-now kind of September. The middle of September; the point-of-no-return September; when you’ve moved on from looking ahead to September to realizing you can’t get get back to August September. Seems like just last week I was realizing I’d penciled Chile Fiesta into my calendar a day late. The light is getting sly, the air is taking on an ahead-of-schedule chill, and we’re preparing for that long-promised last shipment of rain. Read More