Some Roles of Elderly Nurses

Some Roles of Elderly Nurses

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Everyone certainly doesn’t want to trouble other people, but it goes back to basic human nature which cannot live alone without the help of others. Many things cannot be done by humans and must require assistance from other parties. Like an elderly person, he certainly needs the help of other people to support his life.

With things like this, many people offer themselves to become elderly nurses. Various jobs related to the role of elderly nurses finally emerged. If we look deeper into this, it can be called a symbiosis of mutualism, where one party gets a job and the other is maintained at an advanced age.

Elderly or elderly people in their care must be distinguished from young people. Many changes will be experienced by a person when entering old age like need glaucoma surgery. Starting from physical changes but also entering into changes in the mind.

Thus the role of elderly nurses is very important and must be adapted to the conditions experienced by the elderly themselves. an elderly nurse cannot be careless in providing care to the elderly, even though an elderly person is an elderly person, in caring for him he must pay attention to several important things. Therefore, you should not only have patience but also need a number of things in caring for the elderly. Some of the roles of elderly nurses are as follows (taken from interviews with trusted elderly nurse foundations in Jakarta):

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